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Our Services

Services For Local Institutes

We have global network of renowned universities and colleges which can be of great value for your local institute. We can assist you to make your institute modern and offering opportunities to your students which no other institute can. Thus giving you an edge for being reputed in quality and services.

We can provide following services to you

International Alliances

Getting Affiliation with International Institutes

Affiliation with international institutes can bring wealth of knowledge to your institute. You can offer their programs at your local institute. The contents can be same and modern instructional technology will help to improve learning of your students.

Student Exchange Programs

Being affiliated with your global partner you can place your students in that institute and your global partners can place their own students to your organization. Your students can spend one or more semester abroad.

Staff Exchange Programs

You can send your staff on training abroad under staff exchanges opportunities inculcating them with new knowledge and modern teaching methodology. In the same way your global partner can send their staff to your institute for having same experience. It will be dual advantage for both institutes.

Curriculum Development

Developed nations have got their success on the basis of education and hard work. You can seek help internationally to improve your courses by tailoring them under supervision of internationally recognized educators and curriculum developers. It will make your institute more successful, having an edge over others.

International student Recruitment

Just like we work with global partners, we can work with your organization to attract international students to your institute. Many students all over the world want to know other cultures and want to have new experience in their education. We can work out plans for you in this concern.

Placing Your Students Abroad

Those students who complete their education at your institute can apply for studying abroad through us. In case you are already a member of our local institutes club we can offer some extra benefits to your students for example reducing our service charges, securing scholarships for your students etc.

Developing New Courses

World is changing rapidly. New fields and courses are being developed constantly. There are many fields in which our country institutes are not offering courses. Such courses are highly demanded in local and international market. You can discuss such possibilities with our net work institutes. It will bring a new trend to local educational market and off course you will be the leader in this connection.

In house Training

It is observed that most of the students feel that their engineering degree takes them nowhere. The complaint is obvious as the curriculum doesn’t allow them to keep pace with the trends of industry. We at trust eduworld believe that every student should carve a niche in the arena of competition. To realize this, our R & D team has extensively investigated on all the better opportunities that can be brought to the reach of every student. And these opportunities can be grabbed only when a student is imparted with skilful training. Today, students have recognized the value of ‘skilful training’.

Our Training centre ideates and executes programmes of par excellence by improving students’ exposure, expertise and attitude. Besides training students for exams like TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, GMAT etc., our panel of trainers strive to equip students with job competencies, success-readiness, entrepreneurial thinking and more.

Training Offered In

  • TOEFL [Test of English as Foreign Language]
  • IELTS [International English Language Testing System]
  • GRE [Graduate Record Examination]
  • Any other courses relevant.

Course Outline

All the prescribed components of the above tests like Verbal, Quant and Writing skills. Mock tests, Scholarships etc. are some other useful features.

Course Duration

Programme Option-A
TOEFL – 45 hours Daily 2 hours
Course will be completed in 1 month
Weekly 6 hours
Course will be completed in 2 months
IELTS – 45 hours Daily 2 hours
Course will be completed in 1 month
Weekly 6 hours
Course will be completed in 2 months
GRE – 75 hours Daily 3 hours Course will be completed in 1
Weekly 8 hours
Course will be completed in 2 months

Week-days timings: As per the convenience of students and college.

Week-ends timings: Saturdays & Sundays
Timings: 10.00 - 12.00 PM, 2.00 - 4.00 PM

Course Highlights

trust eduworld conducts learning sessions on the latest techniques, tools and methodologies for pursuing its training programmes.

  • Extensively prepared course material
  • Experienced Faculty
  • Simulation and Practice tests
  • Tips and Tricks of test-preparation
  • Strategies for high-scores
  • Latest instructional technology and methodology.
  • Excellent activities and useful practice tests

Fee Structure

Keeping in mind the quality of resource personnel, course material and other incidentals; the fees are 60% lower than the market rates.

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum no. of student enrolments should be 80
  • The fees will be collected by the management of the college
  • 50% of the fees should be given as pre-payment for the training at the start.
  • Rest of the amount to be paid at the completion of the training.
  • Admission process of these Students will be taken up by trust eduworld exclusively.
  • The college should not enter into an agreement with any competing organizations.

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