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Student Exchange Programs

Additional Benefits

The international student exchange program is one of the core activities that we are taking up these days. With the growing demand for overseas education a large section of aspirant students in India is showing interest in student exchange programs. They realized that student exchange programs are not only convenient but also very much affordable. Now, at the present day scenario, we successfully made many schools also understand that it is mutually beneficial to have an academic exchange program. Our prime focus is to facilitating a passage for Indian students to global universities.

Here's what we can do for making this idea a success:

  • We have a student exchange committee which provides complete information of the partner schools and their programs.
  • We also take care of travel, Forex, VISA arrangements, and insurance to outgoing students.
  • The students and exchange alumni are kept abreast with the happenings on campus with a monthly newsletter.
  • Feedback is taken from the exchange students to continuously improve the exchange program.
  • The committee has a special journal with all information required by the outgoing students.

In short, we act as a one-point interface between the institutes in India and the universities. We provide complete information from the universities and probably provide a podium for both Indian schools and foreign universities to integrate at a common place to explore for a focused and much promising mutually profitable business.

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