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Our Services

Our experienced, well-trained, and highly skilled academic advisors and enrollment counselors with an excellent understanding of the education system of various countries, engage in student enrollment activities. We pursue leads provided by the higher education institution and successfully convert an inquiry into an application and applications into enrollments.

Student enrollments are done for High School Diplomas, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees and Masters Degrees. We have experience in enrolling students from the United States, Canada, Africa, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and the Far East because of our unique ability to work multiple shifts and effectively follow the sun.

International Student Recruitment & University promotion

The following are the various other advantages that the universities can have alongside if affiliated with trust eduworld:

1. Indoor promotion

We display Certificates of Representation and posters at suitable locations in the offices. prospectuses and other informational material are made available to students so that they can come to know about you and your courses. We also have facilities of C/D ROM and video viewing.

2. Outdoor promotion

We effectively plan and promote program of the institutes we represent. Effective methods of advertisement including print media and electronic media are used. Time selection is one of the major factors for such promotion. We select best time in this concern for example according to the start dates of courses and result announcements of major exams at local level.

3. Student Counseling

We provide all information needed to your prospective students, regarding tuition fees and costs of living, entry requirements, application procedures and other relevant information. We also reply to any queries made by them regarding your institution or programs. We do send reports on such sessions if required by the institute.

4. Presentations

We frequently visit selected local institutes, giving presentations about the institute/institutes which can be of interest to the students. For example visiting an engineering college may be effective for our those institutes which are offering such courses.

5. Advertising advice

We advise our client institutions on a systematic advertising schedule, campaign and budgeting; Selection of media and frequency of advertisements. It helps them to be successful in our market.

6. Image Building

Trust eduworld gives top priority to image building of its partner institutes. We persuade our prospective students and local community by telling them why they should choose your institute. It is done during advertisements, presentation sessions and student counseling. We also upgrade profiles of the institutes and keep our information current about the new courses or attractions being offered by you.

7. Follow Ups

Data collected in response to advertisements, seminars, meetings etc is properly managed and we constantly follow up students by writing them letters about you and calling them on telephone to help them make decision about studying at your college.

8. Pre-assessment of Prospective Students

We make initial assessments at our office about the students interested in your institution by looking whether he/she meets entry requirements or not. Thus we forward only those applications to your institute which are supposed to be meeting your criteria. It reduces your burden of checking applications a lot.

9. Exploring Potential for You

Exploring market potential for institutions and establishing links with local colleges to create a broad recruitment base. Our strength lies in our comprehensive knowledge of the local education industry and our close links with local institutions. We are highly regarded as an education consultancy; offering besides, promotion and recruitment support, market insights, which are invaluable for overseas institutions seeking to establish links with local institutions.

10. Market Updates

We update institutions on educational issues and developments, which have a bearing on the enrolment of students. Such developments include trends in the local education scene, education policies and socioeconomic changes, which would have an impact on recruitment.

11. Scheduling your staff appointments

We Schedule appointments for visiting academics to explore links with local institutions for advanced standing, or for franchise programs.

12. Arranging Seminars and info Sessions

We give complete services in arrangement of your seminars including promotion in local media and arranging suitable location. Making schedule of seminar, arrangement of accommodation for visiting staff etc.

13. Organizing On-Spot Admissions

We assist you during your On-Spot admission sessions. This may include holding seminars, taking entry tests or interviews. We are always there to help you.

14. Support during Education Fairs and Seminars

Our staff is always ready to support you at education fairs, exhibitions, seminars and other functions participated by your institution.

15. Making New Proposals

We suggest new proposals to the institutions for promoting their educational products and also suggest new courses of study according to market demands.

16. Your Office Abroad

We are your team working at your overseas office reducing your costs and burden: and producing quality results with quick response. In fact the pastoral care of your students begins in India through the services of Trust eduworld offices.

Recruitment tours/Fairs

Pre-visit Arrangements

  • Facilitation : Make arrangements for your travel and accommodation
  • Printing : Arrange to get branding material from you for printing at a far lower printing costs
  • Promotion : Promote your visit at our website and local institutes with prospective students
  • Promotion, Marketing, Recruitment, Tours and customized solutions as per your requirements
  • Lead Generation : Generate leads of prospective students through our website and local institutes

During-visit Arrangements

  • Visit to colleges : Schedule a tour to the local colleges with prospective students
  • Presentation: Oraganise presentation/s about Your university for prospective students
  • Spot Assessment/Interviews: One-on-one talk with students and profile evaluation

Pre-visit Arrangements

  • Liaison : Coordinate with students and help them with application process
  • Lead conversion: Convert the leads and admissions into fruitful recruitments.

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