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Benefits of becoming a trust eduworld franchise!!

Calling all Edupreneurs of India!!

INDIA - Education Scenario

The word is out. Education Industry in India is fast growing. Education sector is surging - with over 382% of India’s 1.2 billion people pursuing education, and half-a-million teachers, a prospering middle class, there is a huge demand for education. Hundreds of thousands of Indian families can now afford to send their children around the world for the best educational opportunities.

India has enjoyed a decade-long economic boom. There are currently 7.73 million Indians enrolled in 367 Indian universities and 20,786 colleges making it - the largest potential student population in the world and the most promising sector to invest in. Perhaps the most promising enterprise, now-a-days, is Educational Services.

If you ever wanted to be an edupreneur, help students realize their dreams and be respected for that; then joining hands with trusteduworld can be the decision of your life. All that you need is the basic know-how of student psyche and a strong feeling for delivering genuine help. The rest will be taken care by us. The No. 1 franchise opportunity awaits you at trust eduworld.

Why trusteduworld

With world class services, top universities in 20+ countries, rich experience and marketing & research being our forte, we give our franchise partners utmost satisfaction when it comes to ROI (return on investment).

Our credentials speak for us.

  • Representing a wide number of universities and colleges from around the world.
  • Comprehensive educational services & solutions platform in India
  • Wide range of services in the field of education
  • Offering a broad range of Universities /Colleges with lower tuition fees and hassle free admissions.
  • Trusted for credible, genuine and resourceful services for over 7 years
  • Having authority to recommend waiver of IELTS/TOEFL for some Universities / Colleges.
  • Offering a competent team of experienced counselors supporting the franchises through entire process.
  • Hosting Direct Interviews from University Representatives at the franchise offices
  • An exhaustive information library CD's, brochures, video tapes, application forms etc.
  • 360 degree support for franchises

There is a huge earning opportunity in this sphere. With growing number of students planning to study overseas every year, the business in this sphere is all set to grow exponentially.

Who can apply

You might be a fresher just out of college or an experienced with previous business experience, you are welcome to become trusteduworld franchise. Our franchise network consists of schools, colleges, private coaching institutes, VISA counseling companies and other new entrants who are willing to have a profitable business of their own while earning a social status.

360 degree Support

trust eduworld can be a profitable option for anyone. At trust eduworld, the only one mantra for success is hard work & enthusiasm combined with industry expertise. When your hard work & enthusiasm is combined with our expertise, success happens. From Mc. Donald’s to Tommy Hilfiger there are hundreds of evidences which prove that buying a franchise of an existing store will generate a better return on investment than a new outlet. From marketing to brand name, Popularity to Perfection everything is tailor-made for you. With the 8 year industry-experience that we carry, you are also eight year old in this industry.

Franchises are the ambassadors of our name, our brand and our identity – trusteduworld. Once you join trusteduworld franchise family, you will realize how great it is to work with the people we have. We provide 360 degree help, be it the market survey, lead generation, workshops, road shows, student conversions or whatever it takes to reap rewards from this golden opportunity. We extend every possible help to strengthen our Franchises.

Training & Resources for a trust eduworld Franchise.

You will receive a comprehensive training on all the aspects of running the franchise successfully. We will prepare you with everything to kick-start this business. Our general procedure of franchising starts with a formal one-month training which introduces the franchisee to:

  • The basic outline of the business
  • Business promotion & generation Techniques
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • Marketing strategies
  • Creatives for promotions
  • Revenue model and share
  • Certification from trust eduworld as an authorized franchise

To excel in this field, one must be proficient through their local language apart from the national language and English and must be rich in marketing and communication skills.

Terms and Conditions

  • Basic franchise fee as low as Rs.50, 000 towards royalty.
  • Brand interiors and infrastructure to be arranged
  • For a new outlet, a minimum of Rs. 3,00,000 towards capex is required
  • For an existing outlet running capital/operational expenditure every month should be a minimum of Rs.50,000 PM.
  • Initial agreement for the franchise would be for 2 years and can be renewed on the mutual agreement of trust eduworld and the franchisee.
  • Revenue share will be on the basis of 50-50 in the first year as both franchisee and franchisor have an equal role to play in the business.
  • Depending on the business generated, the revenue share can be increased upto 80 percent.

Now that we have briefed you with the total investment, personal qualifications and business experience you are in a position to estimate the strength of this business in revenue generation and its long lasting nature. When you are rated as an eligible franchisee and start working with trust eduworld, you will surely witness that your business idea is actually turning out to be a reality. You will enjoy the feeling of a business ownership with guaranteed revenues. This industry is growing every year with the growing number of graduates coming out of various institutes in India. Also, there is a need and demand for companies like trust eduworld which give primary importance to business ethics over money. Come, join us and turn your ideas into fortunate companies.

Request For a Franchise

Our Franchise can bring wealth, reputation and pace to your business. We welcome you to the family of trust eduworld.

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